Apple MacBook Air 2019 Review Conclusion

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Review Conclusion

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Review Conclusion – Is the MacBook Air the best laptop for a full -time writer? The answer we can give is yes if you are a writer from the T20 group who has the funds to buy not only a laptop but other Apple devices to enjoy the complete ecosystem.

Undoubtedly it is the most stable laptop we have ever used since getting used to the world of computing 24 years ago. While the specs on paper aren’t comparable to its retail price – the Lenovo ThinkBook 13s is sold at a lower price with better specs – its performance in doing the same task is smoother due to the more stable macOS operating system. Butterfly keyboards have a bad reputation but are actually not as bad as expected. After a period of customization, it works as well as the majority of regular keyboards. The touch pad is the best in the class.

With an eighth-generation Intel Core i5 processor with only two cores, it can’t be used for heavier tasks. Disadvantages begin to be seen when trying to edit large -sized Photoshop files. Battery life is also only comparable to a regular Windows laptop. It is not comparable to the previous generation MacBook Air due to the use of Retina resolution screen. The SSD used is also slower than the 2018 model. This is disappointing because the SSD and RAM on this laptop are soldered directly to the motherboard so it cannot be repaired by the owner himself.

The MacBook Air 2019 is the most “affordable” laptop offered by Apple with prices starting from RM4699 each. If you want a MacBook, the MacBook Air 2019 is the best choice to get used to macOS.

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Apple company advertises a web browsing usage life of up to 12 hours on a single charge. But this isn’t a realistic measuring stick because the MacBook Air isn’t used just for surfing the web. The average usage life we ​​enjoy is around seven hours. But the screen is placed at 60%illumination, always connected to WiFi and the keyboard lights turned off.

The actual usage life is higher around 8 hours before being updated to macOS Catalina. We felt the average usage of around seven hours was satisfactory. The battery recharge time is around two hours using the provided 30W charger.

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Performance Test

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Performance Test

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Performance Test – In the Geekbench 5 test, the Intel Core i5-8210Y chip scored 762 marks in the single-core test and 1610 marks in the multi-core test. This is a lower score than the Apple 13 Bionic chip on the iPhone 11 Pro. This mobile chip recorded 1334 marks for single core test and 3190 marks in multi core test. We now live in a world where a smartphone chip is more powerful than a laptop.

The SSD used reads at a read speed of around 1.3 GB/s and a write speed of around 1 GB/s. The SSD speed of the 2019 model is actually slower than the 2018 model. There is a theory that slower components are used to reduce the selling price.

Although the scores recorded are not amazing, the Apple MacBook Air 2019 works quite smoothly and stably. Launching multiple applications did not bring RAM problems yesterday. In fact, many tabs can be opened on a web browser without us realizing any time lag.

Performance only starts to suffer after the battery drops below 10%. The computer system will start to reduce the processor speed so wanting to upload a picture to WordPress or exporting a picture from Photoshop will take quite a while.

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Audio Performance

The two stereo speakers used do not receive any tuning from big brands like Harman or Bang & Olufsen but offer excellent audio quality. The sound produced doesn’t break at high settings, is clear, has dimensions, good bass and a pretty crisp treble. Apple proves that if your speakers are good enough, there is no need to use the name of a reputable audio manufacturer to drive sales.

We put the Apple MacBook Air’s audio capabilities as among the best we’ve ever heard and only slightly behind the Lenovo Yoga C930 which comes with a built -in soundbar on the hinges. The larger speaker size with Dolby Atmos support gives an advantage to this Lenovo laptop.

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Usage Experience

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Usage Experience

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Usage Experience – The MacBook Air has been updated to macOS 10.15 Catalina which is the latest version. The debate over which operating system is best has been raging since 1984. Mac OS introduced a GUI that was later mimicked by Windows. We’ve only just switched to macOS since January of this year and can see the pros as well as the cons of both systems.

The positive thing is more complete system integration on macOS. Messages from iPhones, phone calls and multi-device content can be better accessed on Apple macOS. We quite liked the function of answering phone calls directly from the MacBook while doing work. Transferring files from iPad to Mac is also done quickly using AirDrop. But the most preferred function is Internet tethering on a MacBook using an iPhone that can be done without the iPhone being touched.

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Memory management on the Mac is also better. Although only equipped with a dual -core Intel Core i5 chip and 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM, we can open more tabs and applications simultaneously compared to gaming laptops with larger RAM sizes. The problem of closed software itself also never occurs. We don’t miss BSOD at all.

But to enjoy all this you have to spend money because you have to own another Apple device. AirDrop is attractive but should not be used on Windows computers or Android phones. Having just one Apple device is not enough to get the most optimal user experience.

Bench mark

The model we reviewed is equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8210Y chip that comes with only two cores and is matched with 8GB of LPDDR3 memory. The boot up process takes about 15 seconds and is arguably slower when compared to a Windows computer. But after being turned on normally it will not be turned off instead it is just put in sleep mode. The screen will come to life quickly as soon as the cover is opened. It is almost as fast as a smartphone and as a person who does not like to wait, the system used is very time -saving.

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Keyboard and Touchpad

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Keyboard and Touchpad

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Keyboard and Touchpad – Before using this MacBook Air we belonged to a group that was a little skeptical about the comfort of typing. We have to admit it felt very awkward typing on the keys for the first seven days. Fingers feel sore and need to get used to this very shallow key. After that period we no longer faced any problems. The finger muscles start to learn and we can type much faster than on a regular laptop keyboard.

Is this the best keyboard for a laptop from a writer’s point of view? The answer is no because the throne is still held by the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga we reviewed last year. The combination of responsive and not -too -shallow keys provides a typing pleasure that has yet to be overcome to date.

From a scale of one to ten, we gave it eight marks for allowing a fast typing process for long periods of time. Full marks cannot be given as it requires a relatively long familiarization period and a relatively noisy key each time it is pressed.

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Touch Pad

The real strength of the Apple MacBook lies in the touchpad with Force Touch technology. No other Windows 10 laptop ever reviewed has the same level of touchpad accuracy as the MacBook. Scrolling can be done very smoothly. The built -in multi -gesture support also makes the use of the laptop very easy.

The entire surface of the touchpad can detect pressure not just on the tip of a Windows computer. The accuracy of the touchpad is so good; that we can do rather complicated photo editing in PhotoShop without a mouse. The size of the touchpad is also satisfactory although not as big as on a MacBook Pro.

There is no need for a mouse because as we mentioned in a few paragraphs above, the MacBook Air is only equipped with USB-C. To use the mouse you need to purchase a USB-C to USB-A adapter. In short the MacBook touchscreen is the best in its class.

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Design Quality

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Design Quality

We love this Apple MacBook Air 2019 design quality because it avoids the accident of the laptop being flood with water when placed on a wet restaurant table surface. Anyone who has ever worked in a mamak restaurant knows this is among the daunting situations when using a laptop that has an air vent and an audio lattice on the bottom.

Ventilation holes for the cooling system are hidden between the hinges and the body. The hot air and hissing sound from the cooling fan are channeled away from the user’s body.

Speaking of screen hinges, it’s also hidden. Users can open the cover panel with just one hand up to 135 degrees but at the same time this hinge is hard enough to ensure the screen does not vibrate while typing.

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Keyboard Design

The use of a butterfly keyboard has been a controversial topic since it was introduce on the MacBook 12 ″ four years ago. This keyboard has a shallower button movement distance than previously used scissor keyboards. Apple has updated the design of the butterfly key three times after it caused various problems as it entered dust and a non-durable metal dome.

The July 2019 Apple MacBook Air comes with the latest version butterfly keys; that are suppose to solve all the previously reported problems. Yet for those worried about its durability, Apple is offering a four -year free key replacement program. If you still refuse to use the butterfly key you have no choice; but to wait for a model with a new scissor key believe to be launch in the near future.

All 78 keys come with white light support. There are 16 levels of lighting illumination; that can be chang by the user according to the comfort of the eyes and the situation. A power button with Touch ID fingerprint scanner is include on all July 2019; MacBook Air models to allow login without using a password.

MacBook Air 2019 Specifications Detail

MacBook Air 2019 Specifications Detail

MacBook Air 2019 Specifications Detail – Ever since the first generation of the MacBook Air launched in 2008, the design of this laptop can be categorized as sexy. Its body is flat on the front with a thickness of only 41mm. There are three color options namely Gold, Space Gray and Silver. All with a matte finish to reduce the problem of fingerprints left on the body. Only the Apple logo made of metal has a glossy finish.

At the bottom there are four rubber liners that prevent the base surface from rubbing against the table surface. The size of the liner is small but sufficient to provide enough friction to prevent it from falling off the table surface. Like the cover panel, the design of the bottom panel is also neat. No air holes can be seen.

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The supplied battery is 49.9Wh which can be charged using two USB-C Thunderbolt3 ports on the left side of the computer. To charge you only need to use a 30W charger. Both of the same Thunderbolt 3 ports can support the output of two 4K 60Hz monitors simultaneously or one 5K 50Hz monitor.

In addition to the two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, only one 3.5mm audio jack is provided on the right side. Apple MacBook laptops are not known for their diverse I/O support. If you need a card reader, USB-A and HDMI for example, you will need to use an adapter sold separately.

Two speakers squeeze both sides of the keyboard. The audio lattice is large to allow loud audio to be produced directly upwards.

All this is included in a frame of only 306.1 x 212.4 x 15.6 mm measuring 1.25kg. With this compact size, it can be put in various types of backpacks in the market without any problem. Throughout the month -long use, we never again complained about its weight. In fact sometimes it was not felt so we had to check it was in the bag before going to the office to make sure it was taken out of the house.

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Brief Review

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Brief Review

Apple MacBook Air 2019 Brief Review – Since we started venturing into the writing industry, many friends suggested us to buy a MacBook. According to them, if you want to enjoy writing without any problems, the MacBook is the best laptop you can have.

After more than two decades of writing, we were finally able to afford a MacBook Air because it is the most affordable version when compared to the Apple MacBook Pro model. The intention to buy it we delayed since a year ago due to the use of problematic butterfly keyboard. Only after three times the design was updated were we confident enough to buy. So is what a fellow author mentioned over the past two decades still applicable? Is the MacBook Air a laptop worth owning for use by a full -time writer when compared to a PC at the same price?

The computer is equipped with a 13.3 ″ IPS LCD screen with a retina resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels with a ratio of 16:10 without touch support. The processor used is a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8210Y dual core which is still from the eighth generation. There is an option of up to 16GB LPDDR3 and storage up to 1TB SSD.

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The model we reviewed is equipped with 8GB LPDDR3 with 256GB SSD storage. This is slightly better than the most basic model offered with a 128GB PCIe SSD. Apple also has yet to offer a model with a tenth-generation Intel chip at the time of this article. Therefore, the graphics chip used is just Intel UHD Graphics 617.

Like any other MacBook, you need to set the size of RAM and SSD you want to own. Both of these components are soldered to the motherboard. There is no option to add or change components after they have been purchased.

The webcam used still only supports HD resolution. This is the same camera as offered on the MacBook Pro model. Perhaps in Apple’s view, a 720P webcam is more than enough to make FaceTime or Skype calls. Unlike Lenovo and HP, Apple does not offer a special switch to turn off camera functions. For those who may be a little worried about spying, you still need to buy a sticker to cover the lens of this webcam.

Apple Watch Battery Power

Apple Watch Battery Power

Speaking of Apple Watch battery power, based on my experience using it it can last quite a bit longer than expected. It can last up to 8 pm on average during the test but if you want to compare with other clocks, the survival time that this device has is quite low. If you want a device that has a long lifespan, it is quite difficult for this watch to win the selection based on these criteria.

The Apple Watch is currently no longer officially entering the Malaysian market but it can still be obtained in Singapore or through Lazada. It is offered in two sizes namely 42mm and 38mm, suitable for male and female users; and there is a price difference for it. For these two sizes there are also three variations; namely the Apple Watch Sport is designed to have more durability which is sold at a size of 38 mm at a price of US $ 349 and for a size of 42 mm at a price of US $ 399 (~ RM 1,549).

Price Range

The Apple Watch sold in 38 mm is priced in the range of US $ 549 – US $ 1,049 (~ RM 2,131 – RM 4,072) and for the 42 mm size in the price range of US $ 599 – US $ 1,099 (~ RM 2,325 – RM 4,266). The Apple Watch Edition is sold at the most expensive price; for both sizes in the price range of US $ 10,000 – US $ 17,000 (~ RM 38,000-RM 66,000); because it uses gold. For the model reviewed, the Apple Watch Sport, priced at US 399 (~ RM 1,549); it is an expensive device but compared to expensive watches worn by the rich; at least the use of the Apple Watch is still many and not just style. -eyes.

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Be stylish and wear it as if you have a computer on hand.
‘Haptic’ feedback is soft and different from other devices.
Good audio quality during calls


Low Battery Life
There are still issues related to the user experience.

The Apple Watch Various Applications

The Apple Watch Various Applications

In the Apple watch various applications that are present specifically, WeChat is seen to bring various functions to it. Using the WeChat app on this smartwatch allows users to interact with friends without having to remove the iPhone from the pocket. Apart from the ability to reply to messages quickly either using stickers or emojis users can also use the voice recognition function. However, it should be noted that this voice recognition function because using the voice database for Weibo, you may need to speak in the American accent because the Malaysian accent is difficult to understand by the machine.

On this smartwatch there is also a QR Code display that can be shown to make it easier for other WeChat users to add you as their friend. If you want to confirm them; and add them as friends in the user’s friends list, just tap the request button on this watch display. Users can also use WeChat Radar to find nearby WeChat users.

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After a week of using this watch; as a user who is already familiar with various iDevices from Apple, the feeling; and soul of using it is a little different if calculated; when first using other devices like iPad, iPhone and even MacBook Pro. If with all three devices mentioned it gives a feeling for me to ‘create’ something, the same feeling is not felt on the Apple Watch. Probably because the clock is more to one will. Or maybe it’s also an unfair comparison because the clock is indeed a clock; and isn’t designed to be as capable as the device mentioned earlier.

Maybe it’s due to one thing that is obvious which is in terms of its design its different interface. It does not bring a uniform interface with other devices but also retains the Flat UI on it. One more thing there are various basic things that Apple failed to think of including setting the time before the screen is automatically darkened. It is true that it is made to save battery life; but without setting the time, users have to shake their hands; or touch the screen to ensure that the display is not darkened. I’m sure if Steve Jobs were still around, things like this wouldn’t have happened.

Various Functions of Apple Watch

Various Functions of Apple Watch

There are various functions of Apple Watch that can be loaded on Glances. Basically simple functions such as Heartbeat heart rate monitor, ‘Activity’ fitness activity display, ‘Battery’ function as well as weather information are displayed via Glances. Even local bank Maybank also provides Glances which makes it easier for users to check user account balances. Not all apps on the Apple Watch have Glances, and it’s limited to the developer’s choice of whether to provide them or not.

One of the uses of the Apple Watch is that with a microphone and speakers, users can use it to answer calls and even interact with Siri. Each call received will be displayed on the Apple Watch and users can choose to answer it on the Apple Watch or iPhone. In terms of audio quality, through a brief test of the conversation that was done I found that the sound quality was quite good although it looked awkward as it looked like people were talking to the clock. Users can also set the voice level while chatting using this watch.

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The Drawback

One drawback on this watch is that if the user wants to make a call, quick access using the saturated buttons is limited to friends who have been designated as ‘Friends’. If you want to contact others, you need to open Contacts. You cannot dial directly at this hour and at the same time is something of a critical shortcoming. This is because the call function is fundamental to the creation of the phone itself; and with the availability of a connectable clock, it should allow the user to dial the desired number. Maybe with the next WatchOS update will bring such functionality.

To access those you contact frequently, it is done by using a special button under Digital Crown. The list of friends will be displayed in a circle like a clock face when the Friends button is pressed. You can send messages and even make calls. You can also send your heartbeat as well as a sketch of the expression of your heart; but I did not have the opportunity to try this function. One thing that is a little ugly is the size of the button; as if it were a power button on other devices like the iPad and iPhone; and I often pressed the button; because I thought it was a button to turn off the screen display.

Apple Watch Clock Display

Apple Watch Clock Display

In the Apple watch clock display, users can access two additional displays, namely Notification and Glances. The Notification display that can be accessed when the user drags a finger from the top of the screen down will display all the Notifications from the phone. Glances can be accessed when the user drags a finger from the bottom of the screen up and can be said to function like a Widget or Quick Launch, where the user does not need to access the application on the Apple Watch through the Menu option but instead see the information quickly. A small red dot at the top during the clock face display indicates an unnoticed notification. If there are no notifications, no small red dot is display.

One thing that can be confusing for this notification display is that if the user is currently using the iPhone, no notification will be send to the Apple Watch. Maybe it’s a good option; because the notification will not appear twice on both devices but in my personal opinion; there is a possibility of missing the notification. For example, if I’m using an iPhone while playing a Clash of Clans game, the notification I receive for a ‘Retweet’ from Amanz’s twitter account won’t show up on the Apple Watch. It’s a slightly different experience than the Pebble, where all notifications will still be send to the watch.

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Haptic Feedback

The Apple Watch also has ‘Haptic Feedback’, where it does not vibrate briefly and permanently for all applications. To explain this situation, Pebble will only vibrate on one vibration track for notifications from all types of applications. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, has a variety of vibrations that are compatible with applications that send notifications. If the user uses Apple Maps for navigation purposes; every turn as well as instructions from the iPhone will be send to the Apple Watch. The vibration rate is not very strong and proportionate, enough to provide information to the user. For message -based notifications such as SMS, message replies from Twitter (Mentions), shake -based notifications on the Apple Watch are enough just two ‘soft touches’ from the device to the user.

Design of Apple Watch Deserve to Be Commended

Design of Apple Watch Deserve to Be Commended

The design of Apple Watch deserve to be commended, because in order to change the strap, there is as if a switch that acts to lock this strap and it is quite sturdy. Even Apple itself has applied for a patent for the conversion of their watch straps. Yet this also means that consumer choice for watch straps is limited to the watch straps offered by Apple, and as we all know Apple watch straps are definitely a bit more expensive than regular watch straps. Whatever it is Apple provides a wide selection of watch straps, and this is not a problem for buyers who want it.

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When starting this device for the first time, setting up an Apple Watch is quite simple. With the latest update of the iOS 8.2 operating system, the Apple Watch app is also loaded on iOS devices. When starting it up the user just needs to turn on Bluetooth; and the Apple Watch screen will display the sync process. After going through the setup process, the Apple Watch app on iOS will ask the user; which app they want on the Apple Watch. Next the user can also set whether the application will display its notifications or just load on the clock for quick access only.

Using the Apple Watch, the main display is the clock face and as of this writing, the clock display options on the Apple Watch are quite limited. To change the display of the watch face, users need to press the Apple Watch screen to activate Force Touch. Users can choose from the clock face that has been provided; and also change it in terms of additional information display and color. For me, the Modular display is quite preferred; where I can set the display regarding the clock; as well as the next appointment information, temperature, date, day, battery level, sunrise and sunset times. Whatever to do customization on this panel, it is still limited. In fact the calendar integration on this app is limited to Calendar by Apple; and cannot select third -party apps like the Sunrise calendar.

Apple Watch Brief Review

Apple Watch Brief Review

Apple Watch Brief Review – Last year Apple had already introduced their smartwatch device at the Apple Keynote event in September 2014 in participating in the wearable device race in the smartwatch category. The introduction of the Apple Watch was also the introduction of the first product from Apple since the iPad, and also arguably the first product since the Tim Cook era began.

Could this device repeat the popularity of the iPad and set a new benchmark for smartwatch devices? We had the opportunity to use the Apple Watch for a week from Tencent, the company behind the WeChat application. If you are watching the live announcement from Apple, the WeChat application was mentioned during the demonstration stage, also signaling Apple’s focus in penetrating the Chinese market.


In terms of design, the Apple Watch carries a rectangular design and does not have any sharp corners. It is presented in a long container, where straps for medium and long sizes are also included. For this review, WeChat lent a white Apple Watch Sport with a 42mm aluminum body; with a sapphire glass screen that has been Ion-X plated to provide stronger and stronger durability. The Apple Watch screen is also the first device to support Force Touch; allowing users to access additional menus according to the rate of pressure applied by a finger to the screen.

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Back of Device

On the back of this device there is a heart rate sensor; as well as a magnetic charging for this watch. On the right side of the device there is a Digital Crown, a button that can be rotated; and also pressed, pressed once to access the menu and also return to the original menu. If pressed twice it will launch the previously opened application. Under the Digital Crown button there is a Friends button; that allows users to access the information of frequently contacted friends.

On the left side of the device there is a hole for speakers as well as a microphone. An interesting thing about the Apple Watch is that users can also change the orientation of this device, so for those who are left -handed and want to use this watch on the right hand, users just need to change the position of the watch strap and set the menu, although the Digital Crown position will be below as which is shown in the image below.

OS X Mountain Lion Review Conclusion

OS X Mountain Lion Review Conclusion

OS X Mountain Lion Review Conclusion – In reality, it is undeniable that Mountain Lion is seen to have succeeded in making OS X and iOS devices usable more effectively. The coupling between OS X and iOS is now strengthened with the presence of several functions such as iCloud, making this operating system from Apple mature in terms of integration between their release devices. In addition, it can also be seen that Apple also managed to implement several functions from their mobile OS, namely iOS to Mountain Lion such as Notification Center, Reminders, Notes, and Game Center without changing the experience of using those functions on the Mac.

Nevertheless, one fact that cannot be ruled out is the lack of support on Mac devices. This has caused a handful of older generation Mac users to be unable to put on a wide smile; and their hearts are certainly crushed to bear the frustration. Also, the change of interface on the Dock to a solid design doesn’t detract from the beauty in the writer’s brilliant view. The impact of this causes the retina of the writer’s eye to sometimes become tired of seeing these changes. Attractive elements; such as the reflection glass available on the OS X Lion Dock make the writer quite excited when first using the Mac.

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The Pro

However, Mountain Lion’s prowess remains commendable, both in terms of performance and user experience in using it. Mountain Lion’s expedition in bringing these innovations; and improvements is quite satisfying in using a Mac; making OS X play a more proactive role than previous versions. For only $ 20, an upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion is considered very worthwhile; and coincides with what is given. Furthermore, with just one purchase of OS X, users can install; and use it on as many Macs as they have provided the Mac is used privately only. Hopefully all the innovations brought by OS X Mountain Lion can realize the dreams, hopes; and aspirations of the world of computing to the pinnacle of glory.

OS X Mountain Lion is available for $ 19.99 USD (RM63.45) through the Mac App Store starting today. If you purchased a Mac from an authorized Apple distributor from June 11, 2012 to July 25, 2012 and Mountain Lion was not used on that Mac, you have the opportunity to update it for free through the Up-to-Date Program provided by Apple.

OS X Mountain Lion Functions and Compatibility

OS X Mountain Lion Functions and Compatibility

OS X Mountain Lion Functions and Compatibility – A fairly popular function in iOS, namely Game Center, is now also available in OS X Mountain Lion. This function acts as a center for viewing the progress of the game played by the user. Through Game Center, users can see the display of scores, achievements, and get acquainted with other users through the gaming network. In addition, Game Center also allows users to play multiplayer games between Mac and iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch easily with friends. Interestingly, the Chess app available in OS X now has Game Center support.


The security part in OS X is now tightened further with the presence of a new application called Gatekeeper. Through this application, Gatekeeper will provide security options when installing an application in the Mac. For maximum security options, users need to specify that only applications downloaded through the Mac App Store; or applications develop by developers with a Developer ID can only be install on the Mac. The Gatekeeper will also notify if any application to be install is not from a developer who does not have a Developer ID and is download from an unknown internet source. This can indirectly prevent applications vulnerable to malware being install inside the Mac. Still, users don’t have to worry because apps download from any internet source can still be install on this Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper simply gives the Mac a security option.

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This multi -functional OS X Mountain Lion has limited to a few Mac models only. This action was taken by Apple Company to ensure a smooth experience in using OS X. Here are the system requirements for the installation of OS X Mountain Lion.

At least have 2GB of RAM
8GB of available space on hard disk or solid state storage
To upgrade from an older version of OS X, a Mac must be running at least OS X version v10.6.8

Important Function in OS X Mountain Lion

Important Function in OS X Mountain Lion

Important Function in OS X Mountain Lion – One of the functions that is becoming a trend in a computer product today is the presence of text -to -voice translation function. In Mountain Lion, this function is called Dictation. This function that potentially translates voice to text can be used in any application in Mountain Lion while making it easier for users to enter text into the Mac. To activate it, users can use the keyboard shortcut by double -pressing on the Function key and pressing it twice again after finishing entering voice input.

Twitter support

By logging in only once; the user’s Twitter account will be set up for use on the app inside Mountain Lion. Through this support, users can tweet website links or photos directly from Safari, Preview, Photo Booth; and Quick Look without having to log in and use other apps. In addition, the presence of this function; also allows a user to log in to any existing Twitter account through the support of multiple Twitter accounts. What’s more interesting in Mountain Lion, Twitter support also comes with Twitter notifications; allowing a user to see Twitter mentions; or direct messages directly from the desktop display.

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AirPlay Mirroring

Displaying content from one computer to another wirelessly is definitely seen as attractive; and makes it easier for users to share their computer screen without the use of any wires. All of this can be done with the AirPlay Mirroring function, allowing users to display what is on the Mac screen directly to the HDTV screen wirelessly via an Apple TV. The AirPlay Mirroring function also supports up to 1080p HD display; making pictures or videos displayed on HDTV look very clear without being reduced in terms of quality.

Auto Save

The Auto Save function, which is very useful for all users, is also emphasized in OS X Mountain Lion. Present functions such as revert to last saved; make it easy for users to undo any changes made until the last time a document was saved. In addition, the move to iCloud function allows users to move a document to iCloud directly from the document menu. What’s more interesting, this Auto Save function also allows users to rename a document directly from the title bar.

Good Features of OS X Mountain Lion

Good Features of OS X Mountain Lion

Good Features of OS X Mountain Lion – The Photo Booth app allows users to take photos through the iSight camera present on the Mac. Photo Booth also comes with the support of some special effects, making the photos look quite funny and interesting. Through Mountain Lion, Photo Booth has come with Share support, allowing users to easily share photos taken from Photo Booth via AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Vimeo. In addition to sharing support, Photo Booth now allows users to set a photo taken as a Twitter profile picture.

Mac App Store

Mac App Store support introduced since the Lion version is now continued in the Mountain Lion version. This Mac App Store function allows users to easily download and purchase apps on a Mac. Among the improvements that can be seen in Mountain Lion now is the support for notifications. The Mac App Store will notify users if there are any recent updates for apps that are on their Mac. In addition, can also be seen is the support of the Share button in this function, allowing users to share links from the Mac App Store through the Messages, Twitter, or Facebook applications. What has been further enhanced in this functionality, support for OS X software updates has been integrated through the Mac App Store, making this functionality a hub for updating Mac applications as well as OS X.

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QuickTime X

In this version of Mountain Lion, QuickTime X now comes with high-performance H.264 encoding function. When a user selects the HD standard setting to export a video; QuickTime Player takes advantage of Mac hardware for optimal encoding speed.

Power Nap

Through Power Nap, Apple Macs that are in sleep mode can still get the latest updates. All user information such as emails, notes, reminders, and messages are updated even when the Mac is in that mode. In addition to updating user-related information, Power Nap also performs tasks such as Time Machines backing up to Time Capsule and downloading OS X update software. So, when the Mac is restarted, all user information such as email is available for viewing and software update installation. OS X is ready to run.

OS X Mountain Lion Application Interface

OS X Mountain Lion Application Interface

OS X Mountain Lion Application Interface – Through Mountain Lion, the iCal app is now rebranded with Calendar calls and updated with the presence of several new functions. The sidebar calendar function allows the user to display a list of tasks in the calendar on the sidebar. In addition, also present are the search suggestions and search tokens functions, making it easier for users to search with the list of suggestions given. For those who like to manage tasks through this Calendar application, the new date picker function makes it easy for users to change the date of a task or events through the mini calendar display.


The Dashboard app has now been enhanced in Mountain Lion with the presence of a function called a browser widget. The presence of this function makes it easy for users to find widgets that are inside their Apple Mac. In addition, also present in this application is the support of search widgets, allowing users to search for widgets by running the search process. The user just needs to type in the name of the widget to be searched and then the Dashboard will display the widget to the user.

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The Mail app has also been updated in the Mountain Lion version. The app now comes with a function called VIP. Users can make the most important person like a company director by making him a VIP. This function can be done by pressing the star icon; after the name of the sender of the email which is at the top of the message content. Still with VIP function as well, Mail application also comes with VIP smart mailbox function. This function makes it easier for users to view emails sent from VIPs that the user has selected. The presence of such a function is seen to be very useful to avoid any important emails; especially those related to job matters being overlooked just like that. This function can be activated by clicking on the VIP smart mailbox in the favorites bar.

OS X Mountain Lion Basic Applications

OS X Mountain Lion Basic Applications

In this review we’re going to discuss OS X Mountain Lion basic applications. The Reminders function introduced in iOS through iOS 5 is now also present in OS X Mountain Lion. All the tasks you want to do can be listed in one place, and with the help of iCloud, tasks written in the Mac will directly be updated into the user’s iOS device.


Apart from the Reminders function taken from iOS, the Notes function is also one of the functions that come in Mountain Lion. This function allows the user to record everything that is in the mind of the user before it is simply forgotten. Maybe while browsing the website, came across something useful and can be recorded in this Notes application. Just like the Reminders app, all notes written in Notes will be updated with iCloud, making it easy for users to review the notes in the Apple device.


On the Mountain Lion version, the OS X web browser app has come with Safari 6; which brings some new functionality. Among the functions that can be seen such as iCloud integration and also the Sharing function. In terms of interface, the Reader function now brings a larger button shape, in addition to bringing changes in terms of the position of the Tab of the web browser. Safari 6 also comes with a new function called Tab View, allowing users to see an overview of websites that are currently on Tabs and make switches between those Tabs.

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As in previous versions of OS X, the function; formerly called the Address Book, has been branded as Contacts, allowing users to store all contact information; such as email and phone numbers in one application. In the Mountain Lion version, the Contacts application comes with a Groups column function; making it easy for users to view the contact list easily through the division of the contact type itself; such as family groups, office contacts, and so on. The Contacts app in Mountain Lion also comes with a Unified view; where all of a person’s contact information is consolidated in one view. Although the contact has a phone number in Yahoo! and his email address is in iCloud, all displayed in one.

OS X Mountain Lion Applications And Functions

OS X Mountain Lion Applications And Functions

OS X Mountain Lion Applications And Functions. Among the functions emphasized in this Mountain Lion is the iCloud function, which will store and update all emails, calendars, contacts, reminders, documents, and user notes no matter anywhere between iOS and Mac devices. When a user adds, changes, or removes something on a Mac; the same thing will also be done on the user’s iOS device automatically. Things like this also save users time in managing an application task. With just an Apple ID sign in, it’s all managed and done by iCloud.

Notification Center

A drastic change that can be witnessed in Mountain Lion is the presence of the Notification Center function, a function that users can usually see in Apple devices. The presence of this function allows users to view a task such as calendar and tweets from Twitter easily without opening any application. In addition, users can also write tweets directly from this function and this is very useful to users who like to update their Twitter. This function can be activated by pressing the Notification Center icon located at the right end of the Menu Bar.

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With the advancement of the social networking arena as well as cloud computing; Apple took the initiative to implement this functionality in Mountain Lion. Users can share such photos, videos, as well as user personal files through applications such as Mail, Messages, and AirDrop. In addition, this function also makes it easier for users to share website links directly; from Safari without performing any copy and paste actions.


The increasingly popular iMessages function on the iPhone, iPad; and even iPod touch is now available in Macs as well, dubbed the Messages app. Through Messages, users can communicate between iOS and Mac devices easily; and the process of sending photos, videos, documents, and contacts can also done in this application. What’s more interesting, the Messages function also allows users to do FaceTime directly from the application without opening the FaceTime application available in OS X.

OS X Mountain Lion Installation

OS X Mountain Lion Installation

OS X Mountain Lion Installation. The installation done in this review uses 8GB USB flash storage with clean install method. What’s interesting about OS X, to make flash storage a bootable drive for OS X installation, users only need to use the Disk Utility that is already pre -existing in the user’s OS X. The downloaded .DMG OS X Mountain Lion format file will be mounted first and will be processed through the method of delete flash storage (reformatted to Mac OS X Journal) and then through the process of restoring the DMG file that has been mounted earlier. Easy enough.

After making the USB flash storage as a bootable drive, this MacBook was restarted and before the MacBook displayed the Apple logo, the option button (alt) was held so that the boot process from the USB flash storage could be carried out. After selecting USB flash storage as the place to boot, the authors were taken to the OS X Mountain Lion setup room for the installation process. This installation process takes about 30 minutes before this MacBook is ready for use.
User Interface

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The OS X operating system is already known for its neat and elegant style. The arrangement of several elements such as Dock and Menu Bar makes OS X look elegantly enchanting when viewed from the retina of the user’s eyes. In the Mountain Lion version, just like the previous version, the galaxy -like type of background image is still retained.


Finder is a type of explorer application that comes in OS X to make it easier for users to organize all the files on the Mac. On the Mountain Lion version, the Finder interface is still the same as the previous version.


Through Mountain Lion, the Dock now comes with a fairly solid interface; in line with the latest design trends that emphasize a simple, neat interface, and less glass and reflection effects.


Starting from the Lion version, Launchpad was created as a place to launch an application easily and quickly. This unique Launchpad interface gives users an iPad-like experience of using an iOS device. Now, Launchpad comes with a larger icon display and comes with a search function.

OS X Mountain Lion Brief Review

OS X Mountain Lion Brief Review

OS X Mountain Lion Brief Review. In the minutes of life on earth, many changes we can witness in the last two decades. The rapidly evolving horizon of human thought, has led us to the advancement of the increasingly glorious world of computing. Sequence from that, the world’s giant company, Apple, brought OS X Mountain Lion, came up with a new face embroidered with determination.

The beauty of Mountain Lion’s life illustration this time was carefully sketched by Apple by presenting several new functions, a large number of which were adapted from their iOS. According to statistics, as we know, this influential world giant company has brought as many as 200 new functions on OS X Mountain Lion. Among the functions that are given attention is the cloud computing function, called iCloud, which is seen as quite significant in this dotcom era society.

Clearly aware of this fact; OS X Mountain Lion is seen to be able to combine a fairly solid combination of efforts. Apart from the innovation in terms of functionality, also given focus in the development of OS X is the smart integration between Apple devices. Apple smart devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and even the iPod touch can now interact perfectly with Mountain Lion. Remembering the author with a poet’s words, “time is like a tide, no one can withstand it”; I, Arib Ismail as the author in this review will explain some of the functions; and changes brought by OS X Mountain Lion.

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Lastly in this review, the installation of OS X Mountain Lion was done on an old MacBook; a 13 “MacBook model in early 2009. Although this MacBook model is more than 3 years old, Apple still includes support for it; and this to some extent raises some the question of all consumers of Apple products. Judging from Apple’s product marketing strategy, devices over 3 years old may no longer support any of the latest updates. Whatever the toss is made on this older model MacBook; the OS X Mountain Lion looks to remain dashing without being compromised in terms of performance. The following are the specifications of the MacBook used in this review.

Apple iPhone 4S Brief Review

Apple iPhone 4S Brief Review

Apple iPhone 4S Brief Review. The Apple iPhone 4S was already launched by Apple last October, a day before Steve Jobs passed away. Now, after more than 2 months of its launch, finally the iPhone 4S will arrive in Malaysia and be launched jointly by Celcom, DiGi and Maxis on the same day, which is on 16 December.


As everyone knows, the Apple iPhone 4S does not bring drastic changes in terms of design. Among the changes that are visible are the position of the buttons on the side that is slightly lower than the iPhone 4, in addition to the change on the side groove line on the iPhone (antenna?). This means, it is likely that some of the protective cases developed for the iPhone 4 may not be fully usable as there are some changes in the position of the buttons on the sides.

Operating System – iOS 5

The iPhone 4S is powered by iOS 5 that Apple has introduced before, bringing a number of additions to it, including iMessage support, NewsStand, and some additional changes which you can follow on our previous iOS 5 reviews.

However, one of the comments received from global users of the iPhone 4S is the extremely short battery life. It is likely that this can be overcome by an operating system update that will be introduced by Apple. Since we were unable to fully test it during the day, we are unable to provide full comment in relation to this matter.

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One of the drastic improvements brought by the iPhone 4S is the camera on it; which captures higher quality pictures than before, allowing you to share higher quality pictures with your friends; besides making it easier for you to capture sweet moments quickly on quality. High even though there were no separate cameras at the time.

In terms of specifications, it brings an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p recording support on it.

Faster Than Ever

As everyone may know, apart from the camera, the iPhone 4S also brings an update on its processing; which is now generated using a dual-core A5 processing chip. Apart from processing, it also brings better graphics support, allowing you to surf the web quickly; as well as use applications and games without problems through it.

iPhone SE 2020 Verdicts

iPhone SE 2020 Verdicts

iPhone SE 2020 Verdicts. Ending this iPhone SE review is by telling you, who is this device for and is it worth owning? The answer is simple, the iPhone SE is an iOS device that is suitable as a gift for seniors who want to facilitate conversations via Face Time or iMessage. It is also the cheapest and most powerful new iPhone device and suitable for Android users to try out this ecosystem without sacrificing money in excess of RM3000. If you want to try out the iOS system, wear an Apple Watch and want to own Apple AirPods – this iPhone SE is an ideal device as a second device if Android is the primary device.

It is also well worth owning. Priced as low as RM1999 only, you have a very powerful Apple device, a pretty great camera, a size that many love, and packed with additional features and functions. Where can you find an Android device priced at RM1999 that has IP67 waterproof, wireless charging and a 5 -year update? Nothing! So this is the solution.

I was also previously an Android user, when switching to iOS I realized why this iOS is fun to use. Doesn’t mean I hate Android, because Android is still my everyday device. I use this iPhone SE because I want to use the Apple Watch and try out the Apple TV+, iOS 14, and the fun of the concept “it already works enough, doesn’t need any improvements”.

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Smartphones with the most powerful processors on the market right now.
The premium finish is very comfortable in the palm of the hand.
Launch applications very fast.
The best software update support in the industry. Vulnerabilities and bugs are fixed very quickly.
Satisfactory high setting initial performance.
Beautiful camera for casual use and social media.
Affordable prices for powerful devices.


The LCD screen is not bright enough and difficult to see.
Applications running in the background will need to reload after a few minutes
Fast charger is not provided with purchase.
No good zoom capabilities, macro, ultra wide angle and night mode.
The bezel is so thick that it hurts the eyes.
The battery is very small and weak.

iPhone SE 2020 Audio Quality

iPhone SE 2020 Audio Quality

iPhone SE 2020 Audio Quality. The iPhone 7 is the first iPhone to use a stereo audio system through spatial technology. This function is continued on the iPhone SE 2020 with the ability to play audio at a good maximum level. While not strong enough, it is still satisfying. The audio quality is also good, not noisy, not broken and everything will please the user.

The disadvantage on this Apple device is of course no audio jack port, so only the use of wireless audio accessories only. For example AirPods Pro, AirPods 2, PowerBeats or any other TWS.

For voice calls on this device, it can be heard very clearly without any issues. The sound will be clearly audible without serious noise problems.

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What do you expect if you have this small sized device? Big battery? Do not expect. Save that dream. This battery of less than 2000mAh is very difficult for our lives. One day of use, requires at least two charges. Yes, you can try to save – 100% in the morning, but in the evening it will be 10%. Only if you do not use this device it may last for 2 days.

The active screen time (SOT) on iOS needs to be calculated manually from the time it is full until the battery starts to run low. Early in use, the battery cycle is still in the process of learning how to use. So 6 hours SOT is no problem. But after many apps are inserted, many apps are opened and many days of use-SOT will last around 3-4 hours only. Honestly we say this is great. Why?

We compared it to the Pixel 4 which has a larger battery – its SOT is also around 3 hours of SOT. So, for this iPhone SE there is actually no problem kalai for light and casual use. The charging used in our test is Power Delivery, because we want a fast charging process. Even so, this 1861mAh battery still takes close to 2 hours.